I intend this blog to be something other than a scholarly work. I enjoy reading a wide variety of materials. Often, I wish I knew more about a subject so I investigate a little further.

That is what I hope this blog will be. A scratch to sooth the itch I have to learn something more about a topic.

I plan to add several different topics to each post and link each one to my research material so that if you want to scratch even deeper you can easily do so.

This age, this Fourth Industrial Revolution as is called is amazing! So many new ‘things’ flying about from everywhere. Self-driving cars and trucks, self-serve grocery stores, new inventions like hydrogen fuel from seawater (any wagers as to whether we will see that at retail?).

Of course, I cannot post to a blog without the granddaddy that started a lot of these inventions on the road to discovery – SPACE. It used to be called the ‘Final Frontier’ (was that Star Trek?) but I believe that the new final frontiers¬†are minute in size if not scope. I was just reading that scientists use graphene to squeeze light into one atom thick which lights the way (pardon the pun) for tiny switches and sensors.

I marvel at the brilliance of the minds of scientists and visioneers. People that have genuinely new thoughts or ideas and can harness the power of their minds to create the need for all the new ‘things’.

We have gotten along fine without the ‘new things’ but hopefully they will make the world a better, more productive, less stressful place to live. After all, we are just a very small blue marble in the sea of the ever-expanding universe.

I find myself checking the news every day for the next ‘new thing’. The NGT as I labeled it in a post – the next great thing.

Who is going to win that war? Microsoft, Google, Amazon, Alibaba, Baidu? Maybe it will be an engineer in his garage … probably not that was in the twentieth century. Steve Jobs, Bill Gates and their partners¬†gathering to amaze the world.

We will continue to be amazed but I think that garages won’t hold the equipment necessary to come up with NGT. But come with me as we look around and peek into some of the drawers of these amazingly brilliant minds.

Thanks for stopping by!

Craig Martineau

black and white hybrid tea rose with water droplets on each petal
Svetlana Manic 282267 Unsplash!

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